What we do:

  • Recognize and promote outstanding talented young authors
  • Promote authors from other countries and cultures in Italy
  • Valuing cinema as an instrument of knowledge

We value young authors. We value the most the ability to use the cinematographic medium to express the authors’ vision of the world. This is an “author” festival and for this reason, even a film poor in economic and technical means can be featured.  We also want to introduce authors from all over the world in Italy with translations, screenings in Venice, and a special relationship with the Venice Intercultural Film Festival


INTENSE, by Shirin Shabour is Venice Intercultural Film Festival 2020 (VIFF) Winner.Nader`s house is to be demolished soon and his daughter is sick. Nader calls

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Sa limba de su RE

The voice springs from the heart of the people and – just as water – no one can truly contain it. In the Sardinian traditional

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Letter to my mother

Letter to my Mother by Amin Maher is Venice Intercultural Film Festival 2020 (VIFF) Winner.A son pushes at the bounds of his relationship with his

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