We seek and promote talented filmmakers.

We present authors from all over the world in Italy with translations, screenings in Venice,
and a special relationship with the Intercultural Film Festival.
We value cinema as an instrument of knowledge.
We fully appreciate the ability to express a vision of the world by using the
particular characteristics of the cinematographic medium.
This means that even a film with poor economic and technical means can be presented.



We are a brand new online festival
So, this is a special Launch Offer until December
Submit a Short Film or Doc (Under 40 Min) – Euro 15
Submit a Feature Film or Doc (Over 40 Min) – Euro 30


Genres, length, release date, exclusivity

  • Any genre is fine, we’ll take care of classifying the movies.
  • It doesn’t need to be recent.
  • If your film is participating in other festivals or reviews is fine, we do not ask for exclusivity.
  • In other words, what matters is the “internal” quality of the film: the ideas it expresses and how they are expressed.

How does it work

  • we watch and rate all the movies you send us.
  • We publish and promote only a selected part of the films received.
  • The registration fees are used to pay for the work of vision, evaluation, promotion of the selected films, and interviews with the authors.
  • For this reason, membership fees cannot be returned and they do not provide vouchers for a free membership.

The valorization process consists of

  • Publication of the video on our site.
  • Interview with the authors in English and Italian
  • Publication on our newsletter.
  • Diffusion on social networks: Vimeo, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • At least one screening in the Venezia room.
  • Free registration to the Intercultural Film Festival if the theme of the film concerns intercultural dialogue (we decide this compatibility).

Technical requirements

Sharing link
After being selected you will need to send us the Vimeo share link to see your movie and embed it on our site. Check your privacy settings pleas
If you send us links from Youtube or other platforms it is fine, but your film will not be able to be included in our review on Vimeo


All films must have English subtitles
English-language films must also have English subtitles
Embedded subtitles are accepted, but we prefer to be able to choose the language.
If possible, we advise you to use files in .VTT format on Vimeo.
The .SRT format is fine anyway.
We can make Italian subtitles upon your request.