We seek and promote talented filmmakers.
We fully appreciate the ability to express a vision of the world by using the particular characteristics of the cinematographic medium. We value cinema as an instrument of knowledge. This means that even a film with poor economic and technical means can be presented.

We are a brand new montly online festival
This is a special Launch Offer until June 30, 2021: submit for FREE

from July 1, 2021 onwards:
Submit a Short Film or Doc (Under 40 Min) – Euro 15
Submit a Feature Film or Doc (Over 40 Min) – Euro 25

We publish the selected films on this site and …

  • carry out in-depth interviews with the authors
  • Translate the interviews into Italian.
  • Put them in our Vimeo Collection .
  • Publish them on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Include them in our Newsletter.
  • Show films in Venice, even more than once.
  • We network with the Venice Intercultural Fim Festival (VIFF).

Genres, length, release date, exclusivity

  • Any genre is fine, we’ll take care of classifying the movies.
  • It doesn’t need to be recent.
  • If your film is participating in other festivals or reviews is fine, we do not ask for exclusivity.
  • In other words, what matters is the “internal” quality of the film: the ideas it expresses and how they are expressed.

How does it work ?

  • We watch and rate all the movies you send us.
  • We publish and promote only a selected part of the films received.
  • The registration fees are used to pay for the work of vision, evaluation, promotion of the selected films, and interviews with the authors.
  • For this reason, membership fees cannot be returned and they do not provide vouchers for a free membership.

Note that:

  • We prefer full-view films.
  • For longer films, a good trailer will suffice.
  • We will make arrangements on this, case by case.
  • All films must have English subtitles.
  • English-language films must also have English subtitles.
  • You can add subtitles after having been selected.
  • We can make Italian subtitles upon your request.

More detailed information can be found on FilmFreeway

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