There is a close connection between
Cinematic Perception (CP) and Venice Intercultural Film Festival (VIFF).

  • The films selected in CP can receive a free waiver for the VIFF if they meet the requisites required in terms of theme and duration. We decide who to invite to the VIFF for free.

  • The fims selected and winner in VIFF will be valued in CP in different ways chosen by the CP staff in agreement with the authors and producers.

The main differences between VIFF and CP are these:

  • VIFF is an annual festival with indoor or outdoor screenings.
    Only films with a duration of less than 40 minutes are allowed.
    Only films dealing with cultural differences have a chance to be selected

  • CP is a monthly online review site.
    It has no limits of duration or genres.
    It selects talented authors without particular restrictions