March, 2024 edition


Ukraine in Fire
18 minutes
Director Igor Parfenov – Ukraine
A video camera instead of a machine gun. This was the unshakable motto and rule of our hero: volunteer, but the war came…
Igor Parfenov is a strong, direct and honest author. He remembers the first Orson Welles. For years he has been producing his films with little means and irresistible passion. Here the Ukrainian tagedy emerges in all its harshness. Parfenov knows no filters and half measures. His operator was recently killed by the Russians.

The eye of San Salvatore
20 minutes
Director Roberta D’Aprile – Italy

What happens when the dynamics of modern society invade the silence of an uninhabited, silent and inviolate country? New rhythms and new perspectives shake the balance of San Salvatore di Sinis, causing inevitable changes even for the only man who lives there, a lover of silent, slow and routine life.

Hello Darkness
9 minutes
Directors Sönke Hünding, Christian Skibinski – Germany

In una notte buia e gelida due persone si incontrano in una fermata deserta del treno.
Due esistenze in bilico si sorprendono a vicenda.
Christian Skibinski è conosciuto specialmente in Germania come attore e produttore. Ha recitato il molte serie (da noi in Cobra 11) Come autore si è fatto notare proprio con questo suo primo lavoro che rivela sua Htickockiana paronanza di ciò che crea suspence

Clear Ice Fern
12 minutes – (art/experimental)
Director Mark Street – United States

Images shot through architectural glass on Super 8 film in the dead of night in New York. The city peeks out like a character off the screen, but the glass bends and twists it in its own warped, beautiful way. Mark Street has been making films, videos and installations for 30 years. His work has moved from tactile, abstract explorations of 16mm film to essays on urban experience to improvised feature-length narratives.


Western Region
92 minutes
Director Justin Lau – United Kingdom
Chinatown, San Francisco and surrounding areas, early November 2023, in the lead up to and during the APEC summit. Made up of 14 shots, the film explores spaces and those who inhabit them – people featured in the film speak on topics such as military technology, secret societies, cosmology, the slave trade, language, revolutionary history, diversity and truth in journalism, drug use, Christianity, reality and myth, mind-control, homelessness, the relation between land and politics, as well as love.

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